INFONEX provided a top-notch conference. The high calibre of speakers and relevant material was excellent. Well worth attending.
- Traffic Manager,
Zenon Environmental Inc.

Sponsorship + Exhibition Opportunities

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Are you a solution provider? Position yourself as an innovative and forward-thinking solution provider by sponsoring a conference or exhibiting at an INFONEX event. Sponsoring an INFONEX event is the best and most effective way to gain immediate access to your market. Our conferences and seminars focus on the most timely business issues which attract senior executives from every industry. Be it a financial conference dealing with the latest industry standards, a public sector operations event or an import/export seminar focusing on the newest cross-border regulations, decision-makers count on INFONEX to provide the most up-to-date information available delivered in a comfortable and professional atmosphere.

Our flexible sponsorship options can be tailored to your company's priorities and needs. INFONEX uses a number of direct marketing strategies for every product we produce including fax, mail and personal sales. The inclusion of your company or product logo in our comprehensive marketing campaigns will give you maximum branding exposure to past INFONEX buyers and newly qualified prospects in your market Contact our sponsorship department at sponsorship@infonex.com and see what your possibilities are today!

"Exclusive Sponsor" Opportunities!

If aggressive marketing is your strategy then talk to us about Lead Sponsor or Sole Sponsor roles in your category.

Cross-Promotional Opportunities

Do you want to help promote an INFONEX event in exchange for promotion of your non-profit or professional organization? Do you want to raise the profile of your association and attract new members? INFONEX regularly works with top Canadian and international associations to align our industry-leading events with related associations. Opportunities include distribution of membership sign-up information, branding on conference promotional materials and special discounts for members. For more information on non-monetary partnerships for not-for-profit organizations, email: sponsorship@infonex.com.

Who Attends Our Events

  • Crude Trading and Marketing
  • Crude Supply and Sourcing
  • Crude Scheduling, and Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Terminal Operations and Logistics
  • Midstream, Rail, and Pipeline Operators and Logistics Providers
  • Producers and Refiners
  • Barge, Tanker, and Marine Operators
  • Marine Brokers and Logistics Providers
  • Transloaders
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Policy Analysts
  • Environmental Planning
  • Energy Conservation
  • Renewable Energy Operators
  • Energy Generators and Utility Operators
  • NERC/FERC Compliance Professionals
  • Reliability Professionals
  • Standards and Compliance
  • Market Analytics
  • Energy Services and Grid Operations
  • Resource and Oil and Gas Managers
  • Government Policy Analysts and Advisors
  • Government Environment and Natural Resources Analysts and Advisors
  • Economic Development Officers
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