Lots of networking opportunities and good overview of market.
- Business Development Analyst
Kinder Morgan
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Rail Takeaway Strategies for Canadian LPG, NGLs, and Crude

April 12 - 13, 2016  ·  Calgary, Alberta
Featuring These Industry Experts and Many More!
Trimble Marvin Trimble
Simba Insustries Transload Ltd.
Girard Nicole Girard
Director General, Transportation of Dangerous Goods
Transport Canada
Leonard Nicole Leonard
Project Manager, Oil and Gas Consulting
McCown Brigham McCown
Chairman and CEO
Nouveau Inc.
Former Administrator
Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)
Shelly Neil Shelly
Executive Director
Alberta's Industrial Heartland Association
Goutcher Jeff Goutcher
Director, Chemical Sales
CSX Transportation
Swan Torrey Swan
Director Marketing and Pricing, Energy, Chemicals and Plastics
CP Rail
Goobie Gerry Goobie
Gas Processing Management Inc.
Kloster Richard Kloster
SVP, Business and Strategic Development, and Technical Services,
Roach Allan Roach
SVP Business Development
Watco Companies LLC
B. Trimble Brandt Trimble
Chief Business Officer
Simba Insustries Transload Ltd.
Mullin Malcolm Mullin
Director for Dangerous Goods, Rail Safety and 511
Alberta Transportation
Mindrup Shawn Mindrup
Sr. Sales and Market Account Executive, Energy and Shortline Relations
Kansas City Southern Railway
David Gerry David
Manager, NGL Relations
Centrica Energy
Take Advantage of New Opportunities to Move Hydrocarbons to Market on Rail
  • Unlock the LPG glut in Alberta and turn a profit from shipping LPG on rail
  • Analyze projects that are already in the works
  • Find out which terminals are able to transload LPG and other NGLs and what their capacity will be
  • Access new markets and destinations in North America and overseas for LPG, Crude, Y-Grade, Butane, Ethane, and other NGLs
  • Incorporate up-to-date price forecasts for LPG, Crude, Y-Grade, Butane, Ethane, and NGLs into your strategic planning
  • Convert crude-by-rail terminals into multi-product transloading facilities
  • Forecast the supply of LPG and NGLs in Canada and
  • Get caught up on developments in railway capacity and new destinations
  • Understand the tankcar specifications for LPG, Y-Grade, Butane, Ethane, and other NGLs
  • Comply with new crude-by-rail regulations from Transport Canada and DOT
  • Identify fractionation facilities with railway access
  • Figure out where crude-by-rail economics still work and how crude-by-rail can still add value in niche markets
  • Handle LPG and other NGLs safely throughout the transloading process
  • Decipher the markets for tankcars that can handle LPG, Crude, Y-Grade, Butane, Ethane, and other NGLs
  • Save money by finding efficiencies in your transloading and rail shipping processes
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Great broad coverage of rail issues/topics. Tank car specification update was very helpful.
- Senior Specialist Regulatory
Cenovus Energy
Lots of networking opportunities and good overview of market.
- Business Development Analyst
Kinder Morgan
One of the better seminars for content that will help me do my work, rather than the typical self-promoting presentations.
- Business Development Consultant
Cauldron Energy
All speakers were very knowledgeable and information shared is very relevant.
- VP of Business Development and Rail Logistics
Troyer Ventures
Was a great source of info and opportunity to network.
- Account Manager
Fortress Engineering
Great information. Terminal information very helpful.
- Director, Field Operations nd Western Sales
Salco Products
Met a ton of great people and had meaningful conversations and learned a tremendous amount. . .
- Financial Analyst, Marketing
Bonanza Creek Energy
Helped with water/barge info.
- Marketing Manager
BNSF Railway
Who Should Attend This Event

Presidents, CEOs, COOs, VPs, Directors, and Managers of:
  • Logistics
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Trading
  • Supply
  • Sourcing
  • NGL
  • LPG
  • Crude
  • Sales
  • Commercial Development
  • Business Development
  • Midstream
  • Strategic Planning
  • Supply Chain
  • Scheduling
  • Transportation
  • Contracts
  • Testing
  • Market Analysis
  • Rail Operations
  • Terminal Operations
  • Facility Operations
  • Risk Management
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Legal Counsel
From These Industry Sectors:
  • Producers
  • Refiners
  • Railways
  • Transloaders
  • Energy Marketers
  • Midstream
  • Pipelines
  • Market Analysts
  • Terminal Builders and Operators
  • Railcar Manufacturers and Lessors
  • Storage Facilities
  • Chemical Testers
  • Legal and Regulatory Counsel
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A&B Rail


Crude-by-rail demand has stalled by, but new opportunities are emerging for using rail to move other Canadian hydrocarbons. The industry is looking at rail options for unlocking the LPG glut in Alberta. Plans are being put into motion to start moving NGLs, Y-Grade, butane, and ethane by rail as well. There are tremendous opportunities available for companies who get into these markets early.

Infonex Energy's Hydrocarbons-by-Rail will be the first event to focus on opportunities to move LPG, NGLs, Y-Grade, butane, and ethane by rail. Our faculty of energy industry, transloading, and rail logistics experts will show you how you can get into these markets now. Find out which projects are already in development, and how they are making the economics work. Network with your colleagues and find opportunities to collaborate.

Understand the markets for LPG, NGLs, Y-Grade, butane, ethane, and crude. Incorporate production expectations along with price forecasts, and market demands to make the economics work. Get on top of the safety regulations for handling and shipping each product. Decipher the differences between the tankcar markets for crude, LPG, NGLs, Y-Grade, butane, and ethane. Figure out how to convert a crude transloading facility to a multi-product facility. Get caught up on recent railway capacity developments.

Hydrocarbon-by-rail is expected to be as big as crude-by-rail was a few years ago. Now is the time to act if you want to get into this market. Join us in Calgary and find out everything you need to know to start moving hydrocarbons by rail. Register today!

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