Fantastic range of topics. Answered my questions and gave me food for thought.
- Antrim Energy
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Canadian Frac Sand and Proppant Logistics

Solve Logistical Problems, Get Project and Market Updates, and Build Relationships with Stakeholders

March 3 - 4, 2015  ·  Calgary, Alberta
Day One Program Agenda: Tuesday, March 3, 2015
8:00 - 9:00        Registration and Continental BreakfastSponsored by:  

9:00 - 9:10
Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Chair
Chris Gall, Vice-President, Global Supply Chain, Calfrac Well Services
9:10 - 9:30
Keynote Address
Changing Canadian Frac Sand Logistics
Chris Gall, Vice-President, Global Supply Chain, Calfrac Well Services
9:30 - 10:10
Future of the North American Frac Sand Market
Ian Renkes, Manager of Operations and Business Development, PropTester Inc.
  • Canadian demand for frac sand, ceramics, and resin coated proppants
  • Where the market is heading
  • Supply and demand dynamics
  • Where Canadian users are getting their sand
  • Import of ceramics from China
10:10 - 10:40        Networking Break
10:40 - 11:20
Firebag Project and Developments with Western Canadian Sand Suppliers
Scott MacDougall, Chief Operating Officer, Athabasca Minerals
  • Update on Athabasca Minerals' Firebag project
  • Logistical challenges with getting sand to market
  • Supply expectations for Firebag project
  • Overview of new sand projects in Western Canada
  • Industry expectations for growth in Western Canadian sand supply
11:20 - 12:20
Production Expectations for Canadian Shale Plays and Impact of Crude Prices on Future Development
Jackie Forrest, Vice-President, Energy Research, ARC Financial Corp.
  • Hottest shale plays in Canada
  • Play-by-play production expectations
  • Impact of lower crude prices on Canadian shale development
  • Forecasting crude prices
  • Future of Canadian shale industry
12:20 - 1:30        Luncheon Break
1:30 - 2:10
U.S. Supplier Infrastructure and Logistical Challenges
John Young, Vice-President, Sales, Smart Sand
  • Challenges of working with Canadian end-users and logistics providers
  • Potential infrastructure gaps for frac sand delivery
  • US infrastructure developments
  • Logistical issues for US suppliers and shippers
  • US supply expectations
  • Ability to meet North American demand
2:10 - 2:50
CP's Frac Sand Portfolio and Infrastructure Expansions
Dale Stewart, Managing Director, Merchandise, CP
  • Overview of CP's frac portfolio
  • Origins, suppliers, and Canadian destinations
  • Update in infrastructure expansions to support the market: frac capacity, network, and destinations
  • Supply chain models
  • Being a supply chain partner with the railroad
    • How to help improve the cycle time/efficiency of your fleet and avoid assessorial charges by providing adequate silo storage and moving in consistent blocks
    • How to best communicate with the railroad through local operations contacts and your account manager
    • How to avoid the peak market supply crunch
2:50 - 3:20        Networking Break
3:20 - 4:10
Part 1 - Developments in Canadian Frac Sand Infrastructure: Terminals and Unloading Points
Representative, Source Energy Services
  • Challenges for terminal builders and operators
  • New terminal locations in Canada
  • Status of new projects
  • Capacity and turnaround times for existing terminals
  • Bottleneck issues
  • Potential for dual crude and sand terminals in Canada
4:10 - 5:00
Part 2 - Developments in Canadian Frac Sand Infrastructure: Storage and Silo Facilities
George Bojeczko, Canada Tank Solutions Inc.
  • Economics of storage: when is storage a viable option
  • New silo and warehousing facilities
  • Major challenges for storage facility operators
  • Development plans
  • Considerations for mobile storage units

5:15 - 6:30
Cocktail Reception

Take advantage of networking opportunities to meet other with crude and logistics professionals at our cocktail reception.

Networking Opportunities - Who You Will Meet:
Presidents, CEOs, COOs, Vice-Presidents, Directors, and Managers of:
  • Logistics
  • Operations
  • Transportation
  • Supply Chain
  • Strategic Planning
  • Procurement, Sourcing, and Inventory
  • Market Analysis
  • Rail Operations
  • Terminal Operation
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Completions, Stimulation, and Drilling
  • Risk Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Legal Counsel
  • Business Development
From These Industry Sectors:
  • E&Ps
  • Frac Sand Producers, Suppliers, and Distributors
  • Frac Sand Logistics Providers
  • Transloaders
  • Terminal Developers and Operators
  • Railway Operators
  • Rail Logistics Providers
  • Railcar Manufacturers and Lessors
  • Market Analysts
  • Frac Sand Storage Facility and Silo Operators
  • Frac Sand Service Providers
  • Proppant Manufacturers
  • Trucking Logistics Providers
  • Legal and Regulatory Counsel
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Drillers and Well Service Providers
4:30        End of Day One
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CP Rail
CP Rail

Demand for frac sand in Canada has continued to skyrocket through 2014. By 2016, analysts are expecting demand to increase by another 300%. Despite this dramatic increase in demand, frac sand supply and shipping infrastructure has been unable to keep up. In order for the supply and infrastructure to meet the demand, Canada's frac sand industry needs to radically rethink how it deals with frac sand logistics.

INFONEX Energy's Canadian Frac Sand and Proppant Logistics 2015 will be the forum for the frac sand industry to accomplish this. This will be the opportunity for stakeholders in the industry to build relationships and find solutions. The conference will bring together players from every link in the frac sand supply chain to discuss their logistical challenges. Our faculty of industry leaders will also look at how the market is evolving, and review new projects and infrastructure developments.

End-users will discuss their frac sand preferences and requirements. Industry experts examine Canadian shale plays and forecast the market's future demands. Frac sand suppliers and proppant manufacturers will provide production forecasts. They'll also discuss what they're doing to keep up with Canadian demand. You'll hear from logistics providers, railway operators, transloaders, and storage facility operators who will give you a clear picture of the supply chain and new developments.

The goal of this conference is to change the way that the industry talks about frac sand logistics. Join us in Calgary and build relationships with stakeholders from across the industry to solve supply and logistical challenges. Register today!

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